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 Great Practice Homework Sites

Expand/Collapse Subject : French ‎(3)
Over 210 activities and games to learn French the fun way
Expand/Collapse Subject : General ‎(3)
For Studio Class - Guest Speaker Emilie Clarke:
How to build yourself as a brand for your Media Personality.
Listen to her on the morning show of Sun FM out of Penticton.
only for school work!!
Listen to the top 7 at 7pm, Remo William's show. Remo will be coming in on Wed. Listen to how he uses his voice to change or add meaning to what he is saying.
Expand/Collapse Subject : Language Arts ‎(3)
Expand/Collapse Subject : Math ‎(14)
Wah - Hoo! Math Games
Fun Times!
Long live the Queen... and King... of Math
Remember to take a 7th inning stretch!
Just can't get enough.
I spy a math all star!
I wonder where?
Puzzled by Math? Check this site out
Like. . .Really.
Time for a check up!
Do you main math games?
Expand/Collapse Subject : Science ‎(2)
Expand/Collapse Subject : Socials ‎(3)
Nothing to do this Weekend? Check out Coquitlam Parks and Recreation, and Community Events
Don't want to hang out here? How about in PoCo?
. . . or maybe try Port Moody!
Expand/Collapse Subject : Study Skills ‎(7)
This is a reasource that will read aloud your text to you. 
More Keyboarding Practice
Even more practice!
You guessed it. . . more keyboarding practice
And once again.. . more practice
yadda yadda yadda... more practice

 Class Assignments

L'Arbre de Ma Famille.docxL'Arbre de Ma FamilleNo presence informationPatching, Alysa
Minneapolis Tourist Leaflet.docxMinneapolis Tourist LeafletNo presence informationPatching, Alysa
Map of Aborigional Territories.docxMap of Aborigional TerritoriesNo presence informationPatching, Alysa
Labors and Unions.docxLabors and UnionsNo presence informationPatching, Alysa
Mayans, incas and aztecs oh my.docxMayans, incas and aztecs oh myNo presence informationPatching, Alysa
Which is better assignment layout.docxWhich is better assignment layoutNo presence informationPatching, Alysa
Term 2 Individual Novel Study.docxTerm 2 Individual Novel StudyNo presence informationPatching, Alysa
The Not so lonely planet w Dates and rubric.docxThe Not so lonely planet w Dates and rubricNo presence informationPatching, Alysa

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