Weekly Update

Update for the week of June 11th

General News

This is it folks - week 18 of 19. (Weel 19 has only two days in it so.....yeah...)

Japanese 10

Final projects are presented this week with a special treat towards the end of the week called "A Taste of Tea".

Introductory Japanese 11

Same as JP 10.

History 12

Unit exam goes Monday and final project and review goes for the end of the week based on our readings, course material, and "The Fog of War".
Week 18 11 12 13 14 15
JP 10 Final Presentations Final Presentations Final Presentations Taste of Tea Taste of Tea
Intro JP 11 Same as JP 10        
Hist 12 Unit Exam– Promise and Uncertainty +, Collect Texts Fog Of War/Activities Fog Of War/Activities Fog Of War/Activities Media Unit – The War We Don’t See

Modern Media and War

Should there be limits on media access in a democracy? If so, what should they be?