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Mr. Brad Case Teacher/Director
Stage Office Local 3541

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 Classroom Documents

A comaprison of the persuasive introduction and the conclusion.docx
A good introductory paragraph for a persuasive argument.docx
A Link to A River Runs Through It.docx
A Little Poem Regarding Computer Spell Checker1.docx
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM - updated program.docx
A Midsummer Night's Dream April 2018.docx
A Midsummer Night's Dream March 2018.docx
A Midsummer Night's February 2018.docx
A persuasive essay about Gun Control.docx
Acting 11 Areas of Study.doc
Adjectives qualified by adverbs (2).doc
Audio 1Too Late-full track.mp3
Bio Poem Word.docx
Bye-Bye Birdie February.docx
Carol Burnet and Melodrama Scenes 2018.doc
Change Final.doc
Chapter 1 Quotation Example.docx
Compare and Contrast in-class essay.docx
Drama 10 Course Outline.doc
Drama 10 One Act.doc
Drama 9 Course Outline.doc
English 9 Course Outline 2016.doc
Final NCW 2018.docx
Fractured Fairy Tales.doc
Grammar Editing For Grade 9s 5.docx
Grammar Worksheets.doc
How to Write an Essay 6.doc
Independent Novel Study 2017.doc
Independent Novel Study Discussion questions.rtf
Integrate This.docx
integrating quotations.doc
Josie with comments.docx
Josie's Triumph.docx
Limerick Helper Sheet .docx
MECHANICS 9 2011.docx
Metaphor Simile Poems-1.docx
Monologue Assignment Acting 10.doc
Monologue Assignment Acting 11 2018.docx
Moods- Mr Case's Example.docx
More Two Person Scenes Acting 11 2018.doc
Mr Case's Recepie for a Sonnet.doc
NCW Quotation Journal Assignment 2017.docx
NCW Vocabulary List 2-24.doc
Out Lines and Templates.doc
Parts of Speech  8.pdf
Parts of Speech  9 .pdf
Parts of Speech 1.pdf
Parts of Speech 10.pdf
Parts of Speech 11.pdf
Parts of Speech 12.pdf
Parts of Speech 13.pdf
Parts of Speech 14.pdf
Parts of Speech 2.pdf
Parts of Speech 3.pdf
Parts of Speech 4.pdf
Parts of Speech 5.pdf
Parts of Speech 6.pdf
Parts of Speech 7.pdf
Personnel connection 3.docx
Personnel connection 4.docx
Persuasive Example Introduction.docx
Poem of Meaning.docx
Poetry Anthology Winter 2017.doc
Poetry Assignment.pdf
Public Speaking Rubric.pdf
rubric independent novel study 2.doc
Scary Stories Second Place Exemplar.docx
Scary Stories Third Place Exemplar.docx
Scary Stories Winner Exemplar.docx
Scary Story Contest 2017.docx
Scenes for Teens Drama 9.doc
Sentence Types Simple Compound Complex.docx
Sentence Variety Helpers.docx
Silent Movie Assignment Drama 9.doc
Six Traits Writing Rubric Revised.docx
Sonnet for the Stage.docx
Standard Essay Structure.ppt
Stick to a topic.pptx
Tech Theatre Outline.doc
The Friday That Everything Changed.docx
The Gettysburg Address.docx
The Paradox Of Our Age 2
The Sniper.docx
The Veldt Unit test.doc
Theme statement exemplars The Father.docx
Theme statement exemplars.docx
Three of Six Traits.docx
Tips On Using Quotations In Expository Writing.doc
Topic Sentences That Begin Persuasive Essays.docx
Transitional Words and Phrases 1.pdf
Transitional Words and Phrases 2.pdf
Transitional Words and Phrases Assignment.doc
Twelve Common Grade 9 Writing Errors.doc
Two Person Scenes Acting 11.doc
What the English Department Wants You to Know.docx
Writing a Compare and Contrast Paper.docx