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"Take our Kids to Work Day"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 is 17th annual “Take our Kids to Work Day”. This initiative takes place during National Career Week whereby several events will be taking place around the school in support of the theme.

On this day, hundreds of thousands of Grade 9 students will spend the day at workplaces across Canada. Students will experience a wide variety of job and career options including what it takes to be a paramedic, work on a makeshift assembly line, develop a mock sales presentation or work in the IT department for a large corporation.

This can be a valuable experience for your son or daughter, and will also impact on their career and world-of-work awareness. Career development and awareness is one of the key elements in the Learning Outcomes of the Careers component of your son or daughter’s Health & Careers Educations 9 (HCE 9) course, as mandated by the Ministry of Education.

We, at Gleneagle, are asking all parents to accept your sons and daughters into your workplace for the day on Wednesday. If a placement is not possible at your own work site, please check with another family member or family friend. All students should be at a workplace for the day so that they can report their experiences when they return to school. Parents need to be aware that these students are not considered part of a formal work experience program so they are not covered by the Workers’ Compensation Board. They are no different than any young person visiting the workplace. Regular Grade 9 classes are not in session that day to allow all Grade 9 students to be at work sites.

Students will be given a short assignment to do while/after their workplace visit that will go towards part of their HCE 9 mark (3 marks for consent form return + 17 marks for assignment completion (these files are listed below - they can be downloaded and printed... but students were given these exact files in paper copy October 26th in their period 4 classes). The possibilities of experiences open to students are exciting and vast – we look forward to some interesting reports from our students.

This will be an exciting experience for yourself and your child, so why not “Take our Kids to Work” Wednesday, November 4 and help our young people explore your world of work.

There is more information and websites in the “Take our Kids to Work” parent guide. Or feel free to call Mr. MacLean (604-464-5793) for more information.

Thank you for your support.
Doug MacLean


 "Economics for Success"

On the first Monday in June, all the Grade 9s will be participating in this educational workshop sponsored by Junior Achievement on the first Monday in June. Students will go to their regular period 1 classroom where the Junior Achievement volunteers from the community will present to them for periods 1, 2 and 3. Students will get their regular lunch break (11:25am - 12:10pm) and will attend their regular period 4 class.

Businesses in the community volunteer their time to cover such topics as “Dream Your Successful Day”, “Moving (out on your own) Day!”, “Oh, The Skills I Have”, “Hire This Person” and “My Role Model”. As the name suggests, students work through a booklet which teaches them the value of education NOW for their career(s) LATER. I encourage parents to look over and discuss with their son/daughter the events of this day. This day leads nicely into the Planning 10 course which all students will be taking next year.

The following businesses from the community have graciously volunteered their time to present in the past:
     Bank of Montreal;    Deloitte;     Telus;;     ICBC;
     Accelerated Strategies;     Canada Financial;     Canadian Advisors Group Inc.;
     Coast Capital Savings Credit Union;     CIBC;     Long View Systems.




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