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Accounting 11

This course is an introduction to accounting concepts for entry-level employment and/or personal skills. This course introduces the student to the Principles of Accounting - source documents, analyzing and recording transactions, balance sheets and income statements, and the complete accounting cycle. Emphasis is placed on the preparation of neat and accurate records using the double-entry accounting method. As well, students will be given pportunities to solve financial problems and gain insights to entrepreneurial and professional careers. Students will then take this knowledge and use it in real accounting simulations using the most recent Simply Accounting software package. Upon completion of this course, the student should feel confident in his/her understanding of how a small service-based company manages its day to day finances.

Accounting 12

This course offers a general review of Accounting Theory plus advanced concepts of financial accounting encouraging students to develop analytical, decision-making and communication skills. This course deals with adjustments, worksheets, financial statements, manufacturing, partnerships, corporations and practical applications. A large part of Accounting 12 will be learning and using Simply Accounting software in real company situations. Accounting 12 is great for students planning to pursue post-secondary studies in accounting, business management or are seeking employment in business

Business Computer Applications 11

Whether you are continuing on to college, university or entering the workforce… computers are and will be a big part of your life. This project-based course will see students simulate the complete operations of a small business – from developing and designing office space to actual day-to-day workings to global connections with other schools. Examples of software and potential usage include: WORD (tables, creating stationary, merging business letters, order forms); EXCEL (budgets, graphing, scheduling, cost analysis); POWERPOINT (proposals, product demonstrations, co-produced presentation ideally with a student in another country); PHOTOSHOP (product display and packaging, advertisements); INTERNET (basic fundamentals, research); ACCESS (creating company records); and SKYPE (conferencing with other students on global projects). In order to accomplish these tasks, students will also learn about digital and video cameras, printers, and other necessary hardware.

Graduation Transitions

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Health & Career Education 9

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Work Experience 12

This course is intended to help prepare students for the transition from secondary school to the world of work, or further education and training. It will provide students with  perience in career exploration related to their Focus Area. Students will complete 30-hours of classroom instruction prior to going out on 90 hrs of Work Experience in the community





mr d maclean
business education teacher
work exp & transition coordinator



604-464-5793, local 309

across from room 222 or
in the counseling area



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