Bienvenue to my website!

I have been teaching French Immersion since 1996.  I am a former French Immersion student from the Tri-Cities, and I also studied French in Ottawa and Quebec City.  My children are in the early French Immersion programme here in Port Coquitlam.  I love Late Immersion!

It is very important that we work together as a student - teacher - parent triangle. Please feel free to contact me via email when you have any concerns. Communication is essential for success and the elimination of stress.  I care about the success of each of my students, and am available to help them after school with their questions.

Please ensure that your child is not using an electronic translator. The process of looking up words in the dictionary is important for the language-learning brain.  Your child will have homework EVERY night. I work very closely with Mme Blackburn. We share lessons and information about sgtudents as we teach both classes.

We will have fun this year and your child will learn to read, write and speak French.