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  Dictee test
  Bibliotheque - echange de livre
  Dictee test
  Dictee test
  Bibliotheque - echange de livre
  Dictee test
  Dictee test

 Great Practice Homework Sites

Expand/Collapse Subject : French ‎(10)
Over 210 activities and games to learn French the fun way
Activities & exercises to practice les articles definis
Exercises pronoms relatifs simples
A great site to edit your French written work. Check your grammar and spelling!
Revision des NOMS (pluriel/feminins) ici!
Pratiquer le singulier/pluriel et masculin/feminin ici!!
Expand/Collapse Subject : HCE ‎(3)
Expand/Collapse Subject : Language Arts ‎(5)
Click here to listen to the Wolf Brother novel online.
Expand/Collapse Subject : Math ‎(12)
Pratiquer avec les nombres entiers ici!
Pratiquez vos competences en arithmetique avec les DECIMAUX ici!
Pratiquez et faites un test ici!
There are also many other subject areas here that you can quiz yourself on!
Great lessons and Math instruction
A variety of practice activities for Math concepts
Free online Math practice and exercises.
Expand/Collapse Subject : Science ‎(26)
Roches et minéraux scientifique
Alfred Wegener
Theorie de la derive des continents
Diagramme et explication de chaque famille
Earthquakes in Canada
Diagrams, maps and images
Megathrust/Subduction zone earthquake
Emergency Preparedness, Response & Recovery

Are you prepared for an emergency? Make sure you’re as ready as you can be for an accident, environmental emergency or natural disaster.
INQUIRY Projects
Find sample questions, equations for Newtons 3 laws
Get Microsoft SilverlightLes Videos


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Mme. J. Vincent
Gr. 7 Late Immersion
Room #108