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 Great Practice Homework Sites

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Learn about the different parts of Santa's Village.
Here is a free website that will help you hear how words are pronounced.
Learning games about proper oral health care.
Here is another website with information and activities on teeth.
Celebrate all things Suess!
Please watch for advertisements on the page.
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Included on this page is an internet safety video. It will be shown in parts to the students. There are also activities and pledges.
Expand/Collapse Subject : Language Arts ‎(5)
Free printable alphabet pages to practise your printing.
More free printable alphabet practise pages.
Even more free printable practise pages.
Expand/Collapse Subject : Math ‎(6)
free math fact practice online
free math operations games online
watch out for advertisements on the side
check the advertisements on the side
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This has a video and some activities around hibernation.
Build your own bug and answer trivia questions
be careful of pop up adds
Have fun exploring this page with your family
watch for advertisements
Please check for advertisements on the side.
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In this web page there are a series of games to help your child learn to read and say familiar words.
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Ms. Lancien
Montessori Grade 3/4/5 - Division 15
Room 204


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