The Virtual Classroom tab (above) is where all of the class assignments are located for the following courses:

  • Drafting, Design, and Animation 9 (DDA 9)
  • Drafting and Design 11: Engineering & Architecture (EA 11)
  • Drafting and Design 12: Engineering & Architecture (EA 12)
  • Design 11: Animation & Multimedia (AM 11)
  • Design 12: Animation & Multimedia (AM 12)
  • Advanced Design 12 (AD 12)
  • ICT 11: Programming (ICT 11)
  • ICT 12: Programming - Game Design (ICT 12)

The Virtual Classroom is a password protected area. If you are parent wishing to know more about these courses, please ask your child to login for you so that you can see the virtual classroom.  You can also e-mail Ms. Mulzet (LMulzet@sd43.bc.ca).

Students login with SD43\username (e.g.

I e-mail marks home every couple of weeks.  If you haven't received any marks from me then it's because I don't have your correct e-mail address.  If I don't have an e-mail address listed for you, I ask your child to bring home a print out of the marks and get it signed by you. 


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