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This website is an attempt to provide a source to support, celebrate and reflect on student learning in the classroom. In an attempt to open and support communication and learning between students, parents, and the classroom, a brief weekly learning outline is...
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After school tutorials are available to students who need extra time, help, or space to better understand or complete lessons and assignments in any grade 6 or 7 subject. Please email me at mbozic@sd43.bc.ca if you have any questions about tutuorials....


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 January 26


Language Arts


This week we are:

  • Speech presentations begin Feb. 10.
  • Complete First Draft of the speech is due Monday, January 30


  Earth's Crust Unit.

  This week we are looking at:

  • Where and how earthquakes occur.
  • Volcanic activity and locations to be studied next week

Math 6

Online Learning & Practice 

Taught by Ms. Burkart.

Math 7

 Online Learning & Practice

This week we:

  • Perimeter and Area test #1 completed on Thursday.
  • Learning to find the area of circles and triangles next




Taught by Ms. Burkart. 





  • Understanding and forming basic descritive sentences using avoir and etre for the Ma Famille project

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 Class Photos

Ucleulet July 2011
Rachel and Ashley Sporozoa
Rachel and Ashley paramecium

 Clock And Weather

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