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Outside at recess and lunch! 
by Frith, MichelleNo presence information
 11/15/2011 10:15 PM
We are having Westcoast Recess and Lunch at HP...in other words, be dressed for our weather...we're going out!
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 Great Websites

Expand/Collapse Subject : Arts ‎(14)
Design your own Picasso artwork.
Art lessons for all grade levels.
Like Kid Pix, but with Crayola drawing tools.
Create, print, and colour your own colouring pages.
Drag and drop comic strip creation.
Create some art, frame it, and hang it in a gallery.
Cartoonize yourself with this website that takes your photos and adds cartoon effects to them.
A simple platform that students can use to create two character dialogues.
Create your own amazing word art.
Create cool designs!
Another site to create your own art.
Games and activities for all seasons and occasions.
Interactive and fun website, for kids ages 4-12.  Kids can create their own masterpieces and play art-spirational games.
Step-by-step directions on how to draw some cool stuff kids like.
Expand/Collapse Subject : General ‎(15)
Doing a research project?  Use this site!
Design your own poster for any subject area!
A primary version of World Book Student.
K-5 information on animals, art & music, healthy living, people & places, science & math, sports, and stories.
Fun games, activities and printables to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
Fun primary Easter games and activities.
Fun primary springtime games and activities for kids.
Summertime games and activities for primary students.
Games like Mini Golf, Dodgeball, Pool, Motor Race, Checkers, and Tic Tac Toe... online!
All kinds of interactive mazes and games.
Parents: For those of you who are wondering what to use to assess your child's reading, writing, social responsibility, etc. skills.
Parents: BC Ministry of Education Site that outlines everything a grade 3 or 4 student will be learning this year.
Expand/Collapse Subject : HCE ‎(1)
Lots of fun activities to make your HEART HEALTHY for Valentine's Day!
Expand/Collapse Subject : Language Arts ‎(9)
Website full of games and educational activities for teaching reading to primary students.
Games for teaching reading skills.
eBooks for eKids!
Reading games (alphabetical order, double consonants, etc.)
Games, colouring pages, and other fun Arthur activities.
Lots of different primary LA games and activities.
Early primary games and activities for learning about music, drawing, reading.
Write whatever you love, and this website will put your words in the shape of a heart. 
Expand/Collapse Subject : Math - Intermediate ‎(11)
Codebreaking, Crazy Clock, Memory Spin...
Math games covering tons of topics!
Math games
Activities for 3D shapes, surface area, volume, and more advanced geometry concepts.
Amazing games to teach all aspects of math.
Learning games, flashcards, worksheets, manipulatives.
Great site for those using Math Makes Sense.
Expand/Collapse Subject : Math - Primary ‎(7)
Algebra tiles, colour patterns, etc...
Completing colour patterns.  Primary.
Lots of online learning resources for all grade levels and every math topic.
Primary math games and activities.
Games for early primary learners.
Expand/Collapse Subject : Online Safety ‎(13)
Educational games teaching online-safety, cyber-bullying, internet literacy, etc.
Huge collection of online safety videos for all age groups.
Garfield games to teach online safety.
Online safety games.
Games teaching various aspects of online safety.
An interactive unit on food marketing on the web.
A short video teaching about internet safety.
Amazing online safety games and lessons for grades 4-8.  Go to CYBERSAFETY - Passport to the Internet, Mrs. Frith has the username and password to access this site.
Clicky, Webster, Netty and Router show you how to be safe online!
Canada's new internet safety portal for TEACHERS and PARENTS trying to keep their kids safe online.
Canada's national tipline for reporting the online exploitation of children.
Information on cyberbullying for 7-10 year olds.
Learn how to be a SAFE internet surfer at this site.
Expand/Collapse Subject : Science ‎(26)
Primary site on hibernation.
Intermediate science games to learn about the human body, and crash scene investigation.
Intermediate site about the human body.
The website for kids who love animals!
Space games.
Great astronomy website to learn about space!
Amazing science website covering everything from materials, light and sound, energy, the human body, plants, animals, and physical processes.
Amazing structures website including information on bridges, doms, skyscrapers, dams, and tunnels.  Build your own structures, too!
Test your engineering skills by trying to match the right bridge to the right location.
Classify different plants and animals based on their characteristics (for example, animals that lay eggs).
Learn your constellations!
An interactive 3D stimulation that allows students to work on the development of a piece of virtual machinery, capable of launching giant paintballs into the air.
Early primary games including art, science, and language arts activities.  Great games!
Wierd and yucky information about the human body.
Primary science site with activities covering topics like: weather, recycling, and sorting.
Games and activities that teach primary students about nutrition.
Activities to teach students about the life cycle of plants from seed to dispersal.
Nature info on stars, plants, rocks, bugs, birds, butterflies, fish, flowers, and everything outdoors!
Size comparisons of EVERYTHING in our universe.
Good website on owls
Detailed information on the human heart, including lots of great links to other articles and websites on the heart.
Expand/Collapse Subject : Socials ‎(13)
Primary activities on topics like: culture, calendars, time, and communities.
Design your own totem pole.
Online game that shows what life was like as a sailor.
Virtual Museum of New France - Information on explorers such as Cartier and Champlain.
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