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Graphic Design



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Mrs. Greissel
Technology Education
Tel: 604.944.8273 ~ Fax: 604.944.1739


 Tech Ed Links

 Circuit Construction Game
 Inkscape Gradients video
 Inkscape Portable download to USB
 Sketchup Pan and orbit to correct view
 Sketchup Making a brick 8 x 4 x 3
 Sketchup copy and paste bricks
 Sketchup copy, rotate and move walls
 Website with layouts for 3D shapes
 Tree Identification
 Tree Cookies
 Tree Games
 Identify Pacific Northwest trees
 Sketchup Tutorial/Projects

 Tech Resources

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collapse Topics : Electricity ‎(5)
Decision Maker Template.docx
Electricity is Electronics3.pptx
Engineering PPP.pptx
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roulette face template.dot
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Rubber Band Airplane.wmv
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Sketchup 3 ramp_shape_matters.swf
Sketchup 4 ramp.swf
Sketchup 5 changing_a_group.swf
Sketchup 6 alley.swf
Sketchup 7 bowling pin.swf
Sketchup 8 scale.swf
Sketchup 9 colour.swf
Sketchup car tutorial.wmv
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glasses pencil.docx
Wood shape size template clock.dotx
Wood shape size template.docx.dotx
Wood structure PPP.pptx