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The Virtual Classroom link, which you can access by clicking on the tab above, is a password protected area in which students participate in online learning activities, as well as, find lessons, worksheets, outlines... of what has been covered in class..  Students can access this area with their school username and password.

Note: student login with SD43\username for example: SD43\027-jdoe


The beginning of a school year is always exciting, but can also be confusing with so many changes and new things happening. This is a short overview of some of the basics of our team.


Usually homework will be the completion of work that has been started in class. If class time is not used wisely, students will find that they have more homework. Students should not have more than an hour of homework on any given evening. If your child is spending more than an hour on a regular basis, please let me know. You can help your child by finding a regular time to do homework each evening and providing a quiet area for him/her to work in.


Students are expected to take their agendas to every class. The agendas are an organizational tool for students to remember their assignments and a communication tool between parents and the school. By taking their agendas to every class, students can write down any special assignments they may get in class outside of their core class. Please make sure to check your child’s agenda every night and to monitor completion of homework assignments, special activities, and notes from teachers.


Teachers will be using mostly rubric style language to assess your child's progress. This ensures that everyone understand the overall quality of the child's work and learning. Below are some terms you will see on your child's work and report cards.

(E) EXCEEDING - an outstanding achievement
(FM) FULLY MEETING - an achievement which lies substantially above average requirements
(M) MEETING - an achievement which corresponds to average requirements
(MM) MINIMALLY MEETING - an achievement which still meets the requirements
(NY) NOT YET MEETING - below the requirements

Some other terms you may see are



Please note that the terms and letter grades used on the report card cover (excellent, very good, good, satisfactory....) do not directly correspond to the terms used above.

Parent/Teacher Communication

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact any of your child's teachers. The best way to contact us is through e-mail, as we check our messages on a regular basis during work hours and will respond as soon as possible.  A short note in your child's agenda is also an effective way to communicate with the school, or leave a message wtih the school office and we will return your call as soon as possible. 

Contact Us!
The following are the email addresses at which individual teachers on our team can be reached:

English Teachers

Michelle Lange      mlange@sd43.bc.ca

Steve Burnett      sburnett@sd43.bc.ca

French Immersion Teachers

Brianne Losier     blosier@sd43.bc.ca 

Trevor Cheng     tcheng@sd43.bc.ca  





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