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I'll use this site to keep track of programs and upcoming assignments for both the music program and Division 5.  I will also be posting on-going information about the Panorama recycling and walking school bus programs. My co-teacher for Division 5 is Mrs. LaRiviere who teaches Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in our class. I'm in the class Thursdays and Fridays. Mondays to Wednesdays, I teach music at Panorama.

The Virtual Classroom link is a password protected area in which students participate in online learning activities.  Students can access this area with their school username and password.

Note: student login with SD43\username for example: SD43\048-janed



 Beat of a Drum


 The Coquitlam Song


 Be the Light


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Mr. Spira
Grade 2/3 - Division 5/Music Program/Recycling and Walking School Bus
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