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            The focus of Hillcrest Home Economics is to enable students to help themselves in daily living. Half of the eight week duration of the course will be our Food and Nutrition component; the other half will be our Textiles unit.  During the first component grade six and seven students will learn accident prevention, equipment safety, hygienic routines for sanitation, basic baking methods, Canada’s Food Guide, and nutrition.  These themes are carried through to grade eight, where safe food handling, label identification, conversions, measurement, and components of good health are further studied.  Recipes develop over the middle school program from basic food preparation, healthy snacks, and breakfasts to lunches and dinners with a variety of foods from each food group.  In the baking domain the muffin, cake, and biscuit method, will comprise the culinary delights.

Similarly, the textiles unit progresses each year. Students begin with basic equipment safety, terminology, and hand sewing techniques to pressing, cutting and appliqué design.  In the next stage students learn machine parts, functions, threading, fabric composition, serging, care symbols, pattern layout, and clothing construction.




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