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 Great Practice Homework Sites

Expand/Collapse Subject : General ‎(12)
This is an option for recording your genius hour data.  You will need to get the code from me.
Expand/Collapse Subject : Language Arts ‎(14)
Enter the title of your book in the space provided and it will tell you the reading level.  For example 4.3  means 3rd month of grade 4.  Please choose a book that is at your correct grade!
Please use the educator code 39EHCC
School Code RBoJ
Please use this site to help you if you are chosing genre project S9 (write a letter)
What makes a home?
Please be sure to save a copy under your name BEFORE you begin to write in it!
Expand/Collapse Subject : Math ‎(18)
Divided by Grade and Strand
This is a great site for practicing basic math facts.  10 minutes a night on a regular basis can improve recall.
There are many different interactive games at this site for telling time and elapsed time.
Telling Time to the 15bminute intervals
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Human body interactive game
Expand/Collapse Subject : Socials ‎(2)

 Christmas Countdown Santa and Reindeer



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