Welcome to Division Six's Website!

We'll use this site to keep track of upcoming assignments and class events.  Parents please visit this site often to see what's happening in our classroom. 

The Virtual Classroom link is a password protected area in which students participate in online learning activities.  Students can access this area with their school username and password.

Note: student login with SD43\username for example: SD43\027-janed


Boy, has it ever been wet these past few weeks! Ahh...you have to love the fall season in Port Coquitlam!

We have nearly reached the half-way mark in November. The children put a lot of thought into Remembrance Day, by considering past sacrifices and ways of promoting peace and kindness. Their donations to the Poppy Fund will definitely go a long way to assisting veterans and their families. Thank you for your generosity!

It has been an unusual month with our Honour Guard assembly being deferred until November 16th. It's certainly a highlight for the school community, as the students are recognized for the great things they do.

Please check out some of the links on the left-hand side of our home page. New websites are being added as well as new sections. In the future, we plan to add audio podcasts to help explain any assignments or offer other directions. All this technology is new to us, but we should get the hang of it soon...hopefully!

We think we hear jingle bells ringing...yes, it's now approaching that time of year!



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Ms. Mah teaches every morning and then music classes in the music room, every afternoon. Mr. McFadden teaches in the library every morning and then teaches the class every afternoon. 
Grade 3 and 4 - Division 6
Room 113


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