Photo-editing, logos, web templates, filters, color palettes, screen capture & more.
This site allows students to create abstract digital art easily and with great tools.
The MONDRIMAT is a simple system which lets you experiment with space, color and visual rhythm in accordance with the theories of Piet Mondrian. For some reason pleasing, stimulating, even exciting results seem to occur quite frequently.

The controls are modest:
Click on the right 1/3 of a color block to split it across.
Click on the lower 1/3 of a block to split it up & down.
Click anywhere else in a block to change its color.
Drag the frame dividers to resize blocks.
Save the cool pieces of graphic art with a screen shot.  This site is a little complicated but with a few clicks is pretty powerful.
Psykopaint is an incredible photopainting tool  that lets you convert photos into amazing paintings.  It is easy to use, fast, and can produce amazing results!
Online Pattern Creator.  Makes a small tile which can then be used to repeat and make a pattern.
An easy-to-use online photo editor.
An online photo editor that has unique filters, and choices for animations.
This online paint tool gives students an open door to creativity.
The site is a little overloaded with ads, but once you figure out what to do it's pretty cool.  Requires a screen shot to save your work.
A basic tool for adding effects to your photos.
A fantastic tool for creating black & white portraits.
Save with a screen shot.
A tool for creating abstract art.
Interactive generative art.