Montessori Kindergarten


Harbour View Elementary


Welcome to Ms. Lil's Virtual Classroom.  This site is designed for parents to easily access information about the classroom.  General information, homework expectations, overviews, Montessori information  and links to interesting educational sites.  For the most part, this is a refernce site for parents.  The only part of this site that is updated throughout the year is the "ShowCase."  Throughout the year, my classroom parents create short slide shows which I post for your viewing pleasure. 


My goal, for this site, is to decrease the amount of paper being sent home and to allow easy access for parents to get the information that they need. 


Below is my email contact information.  I only use emails to set-up meetings, receive nformation and to send out weekly global emails entitled..."Bits and Pieces."  I guess that I am very old-fashioned in many ways.... I dislike having conversations about your child or situations that occur in the classroom via e-mail.  I would rather talk to you face to face about your child.  I need to be able to read your reactions, look you in the eye, laugh with you and shake your hand.  Please do not send me any e-mails in which we need to have a conversation ~ conversations are held face to face.  Thank you.

Email lmilonas@sd43.bc.ca


 Teacher Contact Information




Mrs. Leila Milonas

aka: Ms. Lil

Room 13

Email lmilonas@sd43.bc.ca