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 Great Practice Homework Sites

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collapse Subject : French ‎(14)
French "What do you wear" video & lesson
Video Culturl lessons - visit to French places
Interactive French Exercises!
French Course with Mathilde
Learn French - Greetings and Conversation- Informal/Formal
Greetings Columns Match
Hello Goodbye Columns Match
Put this conversation in order
Practice greetings quiz
Greetings and alphabet who wants to be a millionaire
Conversation flashcards and games
Boys' French names
Girls' French names
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Importing videos in movie maker
Our school district links to universal EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES
How Everyday Things are Made
Check it out! Videos, quizzes etc
How students sign up for assigned CODING course -useful link
collapse Subject : Language Arts ‎(2)
Explore poetry in these anthologies. Follow the activities outlined by your teacher
collapse Subject : Socials ‎(5)
High Middle Ages  BBC video of preserved artifact
We viewed this on April 13th; you can view this if you were absent
 Ms. Sue-a-Quan
 Grade 8 Humanities Teacher
 Maple Creek Middle
 Email: lsue@sd43.bc.ca

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Computers 8 Animation_SaQ.docx
Computers 8_Task 1_Task 2_Using Word 2016 (2).docx
Computers 8_Task 1_Task 2_Using Word 2016.docx
Computers8_Projects_current_Website Designing_MovieMaker_.docx
CSL Term 3 Template.docx
Eng 8_Handout 2_Reading Response_Prompts for in-depth thinking_papyrus.docx
Eng 8_Handout 3_Quotation Based Literary Response with samples_SaQ_The Outsiders NOVEL STUDY.docx
Eng 8_Handout_TEMPLATES for Quotation-based Responses_print-your-own.docx
Eng8_Activity 1_peer-relationships-opinionaire-lined.doc
English 8 Literary Elements and Terms Powerpoint 31 slides.ppt
English8_e-file_Poetry Awareness Poll_saq.docx
English8_Exploring Poetry II.docx
English8_Poetic Devices and Terms_definitions and examples_Powerpoint.ppt
English8_Poetry Analysis Form.docx
English8_Poetry Analysis_SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer.doc
English8_Poetry Analysis_Thinking About Poems as Historical Artifacts.docx
English8_Question to Ask_Responding to a Poem_.docx
English8_Questions to Ask_Responding to a Poem_.docx
English8_Slam Poetry While You Watch_handout_response_template.docx
English8_SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer.doc
English8_Ten Steps to Analyse a Poem.docx
French 8_ Francophonie Project Activity 7_culture_vocab acitivities 1 to 6.docx
French 8_I RESEARCH FORM_Les Pays Francophone.docx
French 8_Template_Div4_Rubric_Celebrities Celebration.docx
French8 Francophonie Project RPK_saq.docx
French8_Celebrity 1 BASIC Profiles - Two Writing Frames.docx
French8_Celebrity 2  EXTENSIONS_Opinions - Writing Frame.docx
French8_Country Profiles_Les Pays Francophones.pptx
French8_e-text_16_Tintin_and_the_Destination_Moon_pdf comic.pdf
French8_La_république_du_congo presentation.pptx
French8_Quelle sorte de personne es- tu_final.doc
French8_REVIEW FRENCH   TEST_.docx
French8_REVIEW FRENCH   TEST_verbs_adjectives_articles.docx
French8_SUBJECT VERB sentence template.docx
French8_Tintin_Objectif Lune_Destination Moon_Fiches_Vocabulaire_Activities.docx
French8_Verbs_Conjugating Present_ER_RE_IR_one page.docx
Humanities 8_efile_Reflections of the Significance of Gladys' Stories_The Blanket Exercise Oral Story.docx
Humanities 8_LESSON 2_Life for Gladys in Spuzzum.docx
Humanities 8_Reflections of the Significance of Gladys' Stories_The Blanket Exercise Oral Story.docx
Humanities8_Lesson 1__2 archival photos_Meet Gladys.docx
Humanities8_Lesson 3_ More on Gladys' way of Life_with picture text gallery walk.docx
INTERIM_Div3_Div4_Team 1_Term 2_4 CORE COMP_evidence supported_February 2018.doc
iport research books list.doc
i-port research chart_vertical format.docx
Le monde francophone.pptx
Les Pays Francophones du Monde Finale.pptx
Medieval Africa_p 47-111_Student Text_CKHG_G4_B2_IslamicCivilizationsAfricanKingdoms_SR_ONLINE.docx
Netiquette and Blogs.pdf
OWI graphic organizer.docx
Slam Poetry Presentation_saq_source_Hogarth 2011.pptx
Socials 8_Assessment II_p. 238-246 Review notes_What is Geography of Africa.docx
Socials8_AFRICA RESOURCE links_pw2_tr8-9_Interactive Timeline_p240.docx
Socials8_Fact-Gathering Form_saq.doc
Socials8_Inquiry Guided_questions_sources template.docx