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 Great Resources for Parents

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New Release: Easy Separation Animation
AnxietyBC teamed-up with child expert Dr. Lynn Miller to create "Easy Separation", a short animated video on how to reduce anxiety for Kindergartners during the first days of school.  Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_5eiYIo1XM
An excelllent website with resources for the parents of anxious children. Check it out!!
Another great article from the Axiety BC website regarding how to help your child minimise back to school worries. Check it out!!
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Here's an interesting article with some suggestions about how to talk to your child about his or her report card.

The article was written by Cheryl Embrett & published in Today's Parent in the May 11, 2011 edition
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Article from Dr. Gordon Neufeld's website written by Dr. Deborah MacNamara. Dr. Neufeld is a Vancouver psychologist who is an authority on attachment and it's importance to ensure a child's healthy development

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