Welcome to Digital Literacy

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 Class Instructions


​Week 2 of Digital Literacy:

This week is Ignition Week! Did you remember your headphones?

1. Login / create your ignition account

2. Complete at your own pace, the 7 Ignition modules. In order to complete a module you MUST do the post-assessment and receive a mark of 7/10 or better. (you may redo them if you need to.)

3. When you have completed all 7 of the modules play the "My Digital Life" Game. Post your scores on Freshgrade.

4. We will be doing an animation project in Scratch based on the ideas in the modules. What do you think you learned that was very important to share with other students? Click here for a very cheesy explanation of the assignment: Igntion Scratch project​.


Welcome to Term 3 Digital Literacy!

​Monday, March 5:.
 1. Intro to Digital Literacy (PowerPoint)​
2. Email/ Office 365 and Sway
3. Digital Footprint assignment Intro
4. Notices to go home. (put your name on the things)

Tuesday, March 6:
1. Return signed notice
3. Digital footprint assignment.

Thursday, March 8:
1. Open Freshgrade
2. Accept Digital Literacy Invitation
3. Open your Sway project in another tab
4. get a sharing link for your Sway. 
5. post the link Freshgrade
6. Continue to work on Sway Digital Footprint project.
7. Projects due tomorrow. Gallery Walk

Friday March 9:
1. Open your Sway project in another tab
2.Gallery Walk to share your Sway project
3. Open Ignition and create an account. (use a username and password that you will remember.)
Bears invite code: 1070e3a9
Orcas invite code: 0965478e
Wolves invite code: e2cbf6e7
Ravens​​ invite code​: dac14b0e​



Work block to finish Tinkercad Projects. Finish Ignition modules and answer questions on Freshgrade. Double check to make sure that everything is posted and complete as far a possible.

Tuesday/ Thursday:

Bears and Wolves: Microbits projects

Orcas and Ravens: Sphero challenges (see worksheet)

Friday: Last day of Expo. Next Week HOME ARTS!!!

1. go to Socrative Student room number:242938​

2.. Anyone who is missing things from their Freshgrade portfolio should use this time to ensure that all assignments are complete.

3. Any students who are complete and ready can join in Kahoot

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 Digital Literacy Documents

Ignition Parent LetterIgnition Program Parent information letter
A letter describing the Digital Citizenship program, Ignition
Digital Literacy Coding and Computational thinking course PowerPointDigital Literacy Computational Thinking and Coding course PowerPoint
microbit-rock-paper-scissors-teams (1)Rock Paper Scissors Code
Permission form for TInkercad and ScratchPermission Form for Tinkercad and Scratch.
A double sided document with permission forms for Tinkercad and Scratch accounts.

 Teacher Contact Information

Digital Literacy and Library


 Useful sites

Visual Coding website created at MIT
website for designing 3D printing projects
drag and drop comic strip creator.
slide show for various topics in our course.
BBC page with lots of projects using the microbits.
Challenge One: custom name plate
Challenge Two: a cookie cutter OR an alien creature.
A Sway to explain your Sway assignment