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Welcome to our Kindergarten website.  We have an exciting year planned .  You can use this website to read about special events and celebrations, importants days, field trips and weekly routines.  

Our Kindergarten class will always be buzzing with activity...

We'll play, laugh, sing, draw, read, write, estimate, share, practice, count, measure, explain, wonder, discover and learn.  We hope to post photos to share with you so please check back often!



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 Great Practice Homework Sites

collapse Subject : Language Arts ‎(3)
Read stories, plays, comics and more
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Spelling, rhyming, reading and listening activites
collapse Subject : Math ‎(3)
Math games, puzzle and fun
Great practice of all math skills (sorted by grade )
Math Practice
collapse Subject : Science ‎(3)
Kids games, animals, videos, stories and more

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Mrs. Michelle Watkins       Ms. Erin Regan

Teaches M, T, Th, F                    Teaches W

mwatkins@sd43.bc.ca               erregan@sd43.bc.ca     


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