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 Great Practice Homework Sites

Expand/Collapse Subject : French ‎(6)
Over 210 activities and games to learn French the fun way
Practice hearing and saying French greetings
How to use a French-English dictionary
Go to this site to practice vocabulary.  Choose topics studied in class.  You should visit this site at least once per week.
Video clip viewed Friday Oct.26
Expand/Collapse Subject : Science ‎(21)
Video clip viewed on Friday Oct. 26
Video Clip viewed Fri. Oct. 26
Shown on Nov. 2
Video clip that explains the cell membrane, Osmosis & Diffusion
Shown on Nov.2
viewed on Nov. 22
Viewed on Nov.22
viewed on Dec. 13
Review for Science Honours Candidates
Interactive site for review of the Digestive Tract & Human Heart
viewed on Jan. 11
Detailed view of the digestive system
good review for honours exam

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