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We'll use this site to keep track of upcoming assignments and class events.  Parents please visit this site often to see what's happening in our classroom. 

The Virtual Classroom link is a password protected area in which students participate in online learning activities.  Students can access this area with their school username and password.

Note: student login with SD43\username for example: SD43\038-janed


Finish art cards for photo project - now VERY late



- Rocky Point Year End Field Trip - TOMORROW, BE HERE

AT 8:45

- Poetry Cafe - June 27

Karate after spring breakKarate



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Poetry Cafe Notice - ASAP



 Great Practice Homework Sites

collapse Subject : Arts ‎(34)
Making Music Fun
art for kids guided drawing
collapse Subject : General ‎(4)
collapse Subject : HCE ‎(4)
collapse Subject : Language Arts ‎(22)
legend of the northern lights
How North America Came to Be
How The Coyote Got His Cunning
The Big Rock Story
poppies and remembrance
In Flanders Fields
snowflake photos for snowflake bentley
Online Reading Website
online student dictionary
collapse Subject : Math ‎(15)
practice each night if possible
collapse Subject : Science ‎(26)
What's Matter?
Particles of your world
ducksters science
science for kids
science kids
Kidshealth.org Video for Sight Stations
Kidshealth.org experiment for sight stations
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Mrs. Douglas
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