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I am the Computer Site Contact for Irvine Elementary School as well as one of the contacts for Banting Middle School. 
Irvine Elementary: I have been at Irvine since 1987 and have been teaching computer since 1994. I am currently at Irvine Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students from Grade 1-5 get one 45 minute lesson per week with me in the computer lab. They usually will work on classroom curriculum topics assigned by their teacher.  In consultation with the classroom teacher, I  choose which technology ( MS Word, Power Point, Digital story telling, interactive websites, various district software programs, etc.) would best suit grade level and student learning. As they learn their subject material I show them how to save, edit, organize their folders, navigate the web and our school network as well as the functions of software programs at our disposal. Students get an additional 45 minute computer lab period per week with their classroom teacher.



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 Teacher Contact Information


Pam Goessaert
Technology Support Teacher
Irvine Elelementary - Mon,Tues,Thurs
Banting Middle - Fri