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                                 Band gets ready to perform at the Year End Concert​

 Summit Middle School has a large and active music program that includes two large Concert Bands (Beginning and Advanced), a Jazz Band, a Choir, and Performing Arts (Music/Drama) Explorations Classes. Performances take place throughout the year including: School Concerts, Assemblies, District Band and Choir Events, and Music Festivals. 


The bands and choir are graded and credited full-year courses. Beginning Band and Choir is open to all students; Advanced Band is for students with at least one year of band instrument playing experience; Jazz Band is for advanced students who can play one of the following jazz band instruments: alto, tenor or baritone saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drums, piano, bass, and electric guitar. Because of high interest and a limited number of parts, auditions are usually required for jazz band, which take place in October.


Beginning Band Mondays & Thursdays, 7:45AM-8:32AM

Advanced Band Tuesdays & Fridays, 7:45AM-8:32AM

Jazz Band - Mondays and Thursdays, 3:15PM-4:15PM (except for the 1st Monday of each month)

Instrument section practices will also be called on occasion (usually at lunch). Individual tutorials (for extra help) are also available for students by arranging a time with Mr. Faoro.  Any student having difficulty with their instrument or music is encouraged to ask for help.  

Regular and punctual attendance is expected for all rehearsals, performances, and sectionals. Any student unable to attend a practice or performance should inform Mr. Faoro or Ms. Murphy (for Beginning Band) as soon as possible.


BAND MUSIC   Beginners who come to Instrument Rental Night will receive their band method book (Accent On Achievement - Book 1) with their rental.  Others can purchase it from the band room for $10 including tax.

Advanced band members will need to have an "Accent On Achievement - Book 2" which may be purchased in the band room for $10. ​

BAND UNIFORM  The Summit Band Uniform consists of a Summit Band Shirt, black pants or skirt, and black shoes & socks. It is to be worn for all concerts and performance events. Students are asked to have their own Band Shirt (avail. from the Summit Band Room for $20 in November) and provide their own black pants or skirt and black shoes, and black socks.  


EVALUATION  Evaluation in band is based on the following criteria:

Performance Skills: Tone, Note Accuracy, Rhythm and Tempo Accuracy, Posture, Breathing, Articulation, Dynamics, Phrasing, Expression and Interpretation.  

Team Player Skills:  Attendance/Punctuality, Cooperation, Respectfulness, Preparedness (including music parts, uniform), Helpfulness, Leadership, Home Practice and Improvement.



YEAR END CONCERT, Thursday, June 21, 7:00PM

There will be a shortened afternoon concert starting at 12:45 and an evening concert at 7:00PM. All band members are to come to school in uniform and with their music and instrument on June 21. There will be a "run through dress rehearsal" after nut break when band members should first report to the gym. They should return to their performance seats there at the end of lunch (about 12:30 in the altered schedule), and again at 6:30PM for the evening performance. 


SD43 Summer Learning Band Programs, July 10-27

Registration is now Open for Summer Learning 2018 Band Programs!  

Middle School course offerings (for students currently in grades 5-8) include: Beginning Band plus Visual Arts (half a morning each), Advanced Band plus Visual Arts, and Beginning Band plus Advanced Band (for experienced players who also want to learn another instrument). These courses take place at Hillcrest Middle from 8:45-11:45AM, with the bands taught by Mr. Faoro. 

Junior Secodary Band offerings (for students currently in grades 8-10) include: Jr. Concert Band (8:30-12:00PM, Centennial Secondary) and Jr. Jazz Band (12:30-3:30, Gleneagle Secondary, Coquitlam). 

Senior Secondary Band offerings (for students currently in gr. 10-12) include: Sr. Jazz Band (8:30-12:00PM, Gleneagle Secondary) and Sr. Concert Band (12:30-3:30PM, Centennial Secondary). The concerts bands will be taught by Mr. Seah, and the jazz band by Mr. Shen.

Students may take one or two of these courses (eg., Jr. Concert Band in the morning, and Jr. Jazz Band in the afternoon). They are a great way to get a head start in band, rapidly advance your playing skills, and have fun making music with friends! An optional Instrument Rental session is offered from 11:00AM-1:00PM on July 9 at Hillcrest Middle. More information and registration procedures can be found under "Summer Learning" in the School District 43 web site.


Jazz Band Performance in front of the School, June 20

Many compliments were again received by teachers, parents and others who heard them, including a condo resident accross the street who said they would love to hear them play more often!

Jazz Band Performance @ Coqitlam Foundation Awards Ceremony, June 13

Congratulations to the Jazz Band for a Stellar Performance at this high profle event! Our band was invited as an example of the Arts happening in our school district and the Tri-Cities!  Many complements were received by many of the full house audience after the event!  A video of our group's performance can be seen on the Coquitlam Foundation Facebook page.

"Bands in the Park" Music Festival, Rocky Point Park, Saturday, May 12 

Congratulations to the members of our Advanced Band who participated in this great annual event with various other middle and secondary bands and orchestras from accross School District 43!  Our students did a fine job performing "Cyberspace Overture", "Recess", "King's Mountain Adventure", and "Legend of Eagle Caves" to many onlookers in this beautiful park setting on a spectacular, sunny day. This event is organized by the Coquitlam Music Teachers Association to help promote music education in our schools. 

PARENT APPRECIATION TEA, Thursday, May 10, Summit Library, 11:30-12:30PM

Congratulations to all the students who performed as soloists, in small ensembles, or as vocal groups for the appreciative parents and staff at this event. Everyone performed very well and many compliments were received! 

ADVANCED BAND DAY @ Summit Middle, April 13, 2018​​

Congratulations to our Advanced Band and Jazz Band for a fantastic performance, and for being a great audience, at our Advanced Band Day held in the Summit Gym! Thank-you to all our students for their help with set-up and take down, as well as the Welcoming Committee who met and guided the arriving guest bands from Maillard, Minekhada, Banting, Citadel, Moody, Pitt River, Como Lake, and Maple Creek Middle Schools!


Christmas Concert, Dec. 14 & 15, 2017

Featuring our 92 member Beginning Band, 127 piece Advanced Band, Choir, Jazz Band, and a Performing Arts Explorations Orff presentation, both concerts were a tremendous success. The evening concert was packed with parent community, and the morning one for the school was also attended by SD 43 School Trustee Carol Cahoon and our 2 RCMP area officers!  Selections performed included, "Holiday Sampler" (Beginning Band), "Step Back, Baby" (Orff presenters), "Somewhere Out There" (Choir), "A Magnificent Christmas" (Advanced Band), and "Route 66" (Jazz Band). Thank-you to all the performers as well as the staff and student helpers for a wonderful presentation!

Remembrance Day Assembly, November 10, 2017

Our Advanced Band did an excellent job performing "O Canada", "Pevensey Castle" and a few Chorales in this important, solemn occasion. Congratulations to the members of our trumpet section who also performed "The Last Post".


PAST EVENTS of 2016 - 2017​​

Year End Concerts, June 2017

Congratulations to our Beginning, Advanced and Jazz Bands, Choir, and Perf. Arts Explorations Class  participants (featuring scenes from "The Sound of Music") for two outstanding finale concerts! The Jazz Band also performed in front of the school to rave reviews the following week. 


Advanced Band & Jazz Band goes to Kiwanis Fraser Valley International Music Festival, Kwantlen University, Langley, May 26

Congratulations to our Advanced Band for achieving a "Silver" standing, and to our Jazz Band for winning "Gold" as well as a Trophy for a "Promising Jr. Jazz Band" for their excellent performances!

"BANDS in the PARK" District Outdoor Festival, Coquitlam Centre Park Stage, Lafarge Lake, Saturday, May 27

Sponsored by the Coquitlam Music Teachers Association to promote Music Education in our schools, this free public event featured Middle and Secondary Concert Bands and Orchestras from accross the District from 10:00AM-4:00PM! Both Summit Advanced Band and Beginning Band played exceptionally well. A Low Brass performance for all District low brass (trombone, baritone, tuba) players (including Summit's) was also featured in the playing of "76 Trombones" with the Port Moody Concert Band providing background accompaniment.


CHRISTMAS CONCERT, Thursday, Dec. 10, 7:00PM and Friday, Dec. 11, 9:00AM   

Congratulations to all our Bands for two excellent concerts, and also to our Choir for their performance on Friday! All groups, including special guest band, "FAT Jazz" on Thursday, sounded great to the very large and appreciative audiences. Some highlights include: "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" by the Beginning Band, "A Joyous Christmas" by the Intermediates, "A Christmas Sing-Along" by the Senior Band and Choir, "Now Rock Ye, Rested Gentlemen" by Jazz Band, and "Jingle Bell Rock" by FAT Jazz. A special THANK-YOU to everyone, including students, parents, and staff, who helped out with set-up, take down, supervision, and to everyone who came out to the concert!

Remembrance Day Assembly Performance, Nov. 10 (Senior Band)

Congratulations to he Senior Band for a very good performance at this year's RD assembly. Pieces performed include "O Canada", several Chorales, a band arrangement of "The Last Post' and "Juno Beach", a piece written to commemorate the successful landing of the Canadian 3rd Infantry at Juno Beach in Normandy, France on "D Day", the day that marked the turning point of WWII in favour of the Allies.

​​​"SQUEAK AND SQUAWK" Concert, Oct. 29

Congratulations to our very big Beginning Band for an excellent debut performance on the evening of Oct. 29. Congratulations also to the 12 brave soloists for their fine efforts and to all the "Long Note" contest finalists! Very few squeaks or squawks were actually heard.  


PAST EVENTS of 2014-2015


SUMMER LEARNING 2015 - Beginning & Advanced Band plus Fine Arts


Part of District 43 Summer Learning programs, Summer Band & Fine Arts was a big success once again this year!  Both bands progressed very well, had fun, and put on a fabulous concert and drama performance for the school and parents at the end. Thank-you to the secondary and university student volunteers, parents, and to Tom Lee Music for providing instruments and clinicians. We look forward to doing it all again next year!

Year End Concert, June 18 & 19

Congratulations to all our Bands, Choir and String Ensemble for 2 outstanding concerts for "packed houses" on Thursday evening and Friday morning, June 18th and 19th!  Highlights include "Antiquitus" by the Beginning Band, "Happy" by the Intermediates, "Salute to Mancini" by the String Ensemble, "Skyfall" by the Choir, "Bolero" by the Senior Band, and "It's Only a Paper Moon" by the Jazz Band. A surprise guest group, The SFU Choir, also joined our Summit Choir for their last selection, "Hymn of Freedom".  Each group sounded amazing and the audiences were enthralled!
Parent Appreciation Day, June 10
Congratulations to our Jazz Band for their exciting, performance of several pieces under the "Peak" in front our our school early Wednesday morning as our "dancing" and waving staff members greeted parents as they dropped students off! Even Mr. Gill (vocals) and Mr. Heidricks (guitar) couldn't keep themselves from joining in on a couple pieces! 

"GRADE 6 For a DAY" Performance, June 3 (Beginning Band and Jazz Band)

Congratulations to our Beginners and Jazz Band for a great performance for our area elementary school Grade 5 students who came to visit Summit and be introduced to band and band instruments. They seemed very impressed and inspired!

District Outdoor Band and Strings Festival, May 23, Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam
Congratulatiions to our Intermediate and Senior Band students, and those of several other District Middle and Secondary Schools, who came out to perform for this great event organized by the Coquitlam Music Teacher's Association to help promote Music Education. Our students performed very well and were one of the largest groups represented!
Sun Peaks Music Festival, May 1-3​
Congratulations to all our Band and Choir students who attended this year's Sun Peaks Con Brio Music Festival! Our Concert Band achieved a "GOLD", Jazz Band a "SILVER" (just missing Gold), and Choir a "BRONZE" standing for their performances at the Festival! An amazing and exhilarating weekend of great music making, listening and learning was had by all. Thank-you to the students, staff, and parents, especially our faboulous chaperones and drivers, for helping to make it happen.​
Beginning Band Day, Wed., April 29 ​
Congratulations to the Beginning Band, and all our Long Note Contest representatives, for a superb performance at Beginning Band Day at Pitt River Middle! They looked great and were amoungst the biggest and best sounding bands there!
Advanced Band Day, Friday, April 24
Congratulations to the Senior, Intermediate and Jazz Bands for their outstanding performances and a great job hosting Coquitlam Music Teachers' Association Advanced Band Day at Summit on April 24! 


Summit Talent Show, March 2015  

Many talented students put on some awsome performances (20 acts in all) for the school and several parents. Thank-you to all who auditioned, all who performed, and all the helpers for a another fantastic show!​

Christmas Concert 2014, Thursday, Dec. 11 and 12, 2014

Congratulations to all our Bands, Choir, and String Ensemble for two very entertaining concerts to packed houses in the Summit Gym.  Some highlights include: "Christmas Fanfair" by the Beginning Band, "Can Santa Can Can?" by the Intermediates, "Sleigh Ride" by the Senior Band, "A Merry Kelmer Christmas" by the Strings, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" by the Choir, and "Jingle Bell Rock" by the Jazz Band. Special guests, "FAT Jazz", also brought the crowd to their feet with their exciting big band sound on Thursday night.

Squeak and Squawk Concert, Thursday, Nov. 6, 7:30pm, MPR
Congratulations to the Beginning Band and to all the long note contest champions for an outstanding first performance to a very full house in the MPR! Thank-you to all parents and family members for coming out to this memorable event.

Rembrance Day Assembly, Friday, Nov. 6, 10:45AM, Gymnasium
Congratulations to the Senior Concert Band and Choir for a fine performance at this important special event.

 PAST EVENTS of 2013-2014

Year End Concert, June 12, 2014 
Congratulations to all the bands, strings and choir for an excellent Year End Concert for the school and parents on what turned out to be the last school day of the year!  A great way to end a difficult (job action) year.

Parent Appreciation Jazz Band Performance, June 11 

Our Jazz Band delivered another exciting mix of Jazz and Rock classics under the Peak as teachers waved "Thank-You Parents" signs and handed out treats as students were dropped off before school on Wednesday. 


District Band/String Festival of Music, Rocky Point Park, Saturday, May 24

Congratulations to our Beginning Band for an excellent performance and turn out at this year's very successful District Band/Sring Festival!  A big and sincere thank-you to the many parents who came out, gave rides to, and supported our students and music programs!​
Kiwanis Fraser Valley International Music Festival, May 16
Congratulations to the Summit Intermediate Band for a strong performance and a Silver standing at this excellent Music Festival at Kwantlen University in Langley. Our students received an excellent clinic with Dr. Wayne Jeffrey of Kwantlen University Music Faculty and heard a fine performance by Qualicum Beach Middle School Concert Band from Vancouver Island.
 Sr. Concert Band and Jazz Band at Whistler Cantando Music Festival
 A big congratulations to our Sr. Concert Band for achieving a Silver standing, and especially to our Jazz Band for winning Gold, and for being selected as one of the top six groups to perform for other schools (as "Most Exciting Jr. Jazz Band") on the last day of this outstanding Festival. It featured 63 participating ensembles from all over BC, as well as Alberta and Washington State, with outstanding clinicians and incredible professional performances by world renown clarinetist, Eddie Daniels, the UBC Wind Ensemble, and an Alberta University Faculty Jazz Band. An amazing, educational, and memorable experience was had by all!
Beginning Band Day, Pitt River Middle, April 30
Congratulations to our Beginning Band for an excellent performance of "Rings of Saturn" and "Supercalifradulisticexpialidocious" at this always exciting event. Our band also received the coveted $50 Gift Card from Long & Mquade Music for being the top band in the morning session!  Congrats also to all our Long Note Contest Competitors for an outstanding job (& results) as well!
Advanced Band Day, Summit Middle, April 16

 Congratulations to our Gr. 8 Band, Intermediate Band, Jazz Band and String Ensemble, and all the visiting middle school bands, for their fine performances at this year's district Advanced Band Day held in the Summit Gymnasium! Special thank-you to our wonderful clinician, VSO Education Rep. and Greater Vancouver Youth Band conductor Ms. Kristen Reardon McClelland (sponsored by Tom Lee Music) for all her excellent observations and performance tips.
 Summit Talent Show, March 2014 
 Contratulations to all the participants for an amazing show featuring classical, pop and rock instrumental and vocal music, ballet, tap, and modern dance, and rhythmic gymnastics!  Everyone performed very extremely well for a very appreciative, enthusiastic Summit audience!  Thank-you also to our excellent hosts, stage crew, and to everyone who auditioned.
District Honour Ensembles & Concert, Feb. 21-22
On Friday, Feb. 21 (Professional Day), 400 nominated students from elementary, middle and secondary schools across District 43 worked with conductor/clinicians in choirs, bands and a string ensemble, then put on an impressive concert for about 1000 people at Heritage Woods Secondary on Saturday, Feb. 22. Congratulations to the 26 Summit students who participated in the Jr. Honour Band, Choir and String Ensemble!
Christmas Concert, Dec. 12 & 13                                   
 Congratulations to all the bands, strings and choir for 2 outstanding concerts. Highlights included, "The Hanukkah Song" by the Beginners, "Feliz Navidad" by the Intemediates, "Amadeus!" by the String Ensemble, "Africa" by the Choir, "Jazz to the World" by the Jazz Band, "O Holy Night" with vocals by the Senior Band, and "A Holiday Sing Along" by the Seniors, Choir and String Ensemble and audience.  Thank-you everyone for your participation!
Remembrance Day Ceremony, Thursday, Nov. 7, 10:45AM
Congratulations to the Grade 8 Sr. Band and Choir for a very fine performance during this excellent and moving ceremony.
"SQUEAK and SQUAWK" CONCERT, Thursday, Oct. 16, 7:30PM, Summit MPR
Congratulations to the Beginning Band, String Ensemble, and Choir for their great debut performance to a packed house in the MPR!  Congrats to the brave soloists and "Long Note Contest" winners as well.  Everyone was quite impressed and entertained.  Thanks very much to all our parent volunteers who helped with the band shirt sales as well!
BAND PROGRAM INFORMATION NIGHT, Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013, 7:00PM
 Thank-you to the many parents and students (about 150) that came to the music room to receive information about the program including: benefits for students, instruments and rentals, schedules, concerts and practice routines.  
Congratulations to all participants in this year's Band/Fine Arts program at Scott Creek Middle. Both the Beginning and Advanced Bands progressed very well and put on a great performance for the school and parents at the end of the course. Thank-you to all participants, clinicians, and all the secondary band student volunteers who did a super job running sectionals and helping individuals!
Summer Learning Band/Fine Arts is a great opportunity for students to get a head start in band, improve their skills, prepare for advanced or secondary school band and/or learn another instrument, as well as have fun making Music and Art with new friends! 


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