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We will use this site to keep track of upcoming assignments and class events.  Parents please visit this site often to see what's happening in our classroom.  Some of the pages on this site are password protected.

The Virtual Classroom link is a password protected area in which students participate in online learning activities.  Students can access this area with their school username and password.

Note: student login with SD43\username for example: SD43\027-janed




In the Classroom
Parent email addresses - If you haven't already done so, could you please send me an email at sdavid@sd43.bc.ca so that I can put together a class distribution list for email.
The planners have been ordered and will hopefully arrive very shortly. In the meantime we will continue to use the duotangs. Thank you for your patience.
Scholastic Orders
The first order should arrive this week. New Scholastic order forms will be sent home this week. If you would like to submit an order please return it to me by Thursday, October 10th.
Upcoming Activities
Field Trips...
Walking Field Trip: A 'walking field trip' permission slip will be coming home at the beginning of the week. This permission slip will allow us to take the kids off school grounds to explore the natural resources in the local area. Please send the completed permission slip back to the school.
Author Visit: Author Eric Wilson will be visiting the students on October 16th. Watch for a notice to come home this week.
Junkology: Dr Recycle will be coming to Baker Drive on October 18th to show students how to reuse everyday items to create art. If you have any empty, clean 4L milk jugs or clean yogurt containers (various sizes) would you please send them in to school for his visit. Thank you.

 Teacher Contact Information


Ms. S. David
Grade 4 - Division 2
Room 206