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On this site you will find an updated list of current and past homework assignments, announcements for various events and activities around the school and in the community and links to useful websites and tools to help with various subjects.


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 Current Homework

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 Great Practice Homework Sites

collapse Subject : French ‎(8)
Over 210 activities and games to learn French the fun way
La bescherelle en ligne!
Wordreference French/English dictionary
Use this site to help correct your writing in French.
Practice conjugating French verbs
Put together short quizzes on various grammar topics of your choice.
Link to my personal Quizlet list.
Paste texts in French or English to help you learn the proper pronunciation of words.
collapse Subject : HCE ‎(3)
These are some ideas for helping people delay or avoid self-harm that you might wish to consider – they’ve all been suggested by people who self-harm.  Some ideas might seem ridiculous, but others might work. Different people find that different things help, and it isn’t failure if you try something and it doesn’t help.  You will be able to add things which you have discovered.
collapse Subject : Language Arts ‎(2)
Create your own bibliography for free online in any format you wish.
collapse Subject : Math ‎(6)
A site where students can watch videos of high quality instruction
A site where students can play activities in particular areas of math
a site where students if stuck on a problem can get the answer and if they sign-up then they can see the steps shown in the problem.  Students and teachers can sign up for free
Refine your math skills be practicing these Kahoots on your own. Create a student account to give it a try.


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 M. Kimura
Grade 7/8 French Immersion

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